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About Us

Legal & Commercial Services International Co., Ltd.,

Support for companies

Wishing to invest or develop business relations in Thailand

Legal & Commercial Services International Co., Ltd., was established in 1996 by one Thai and four Italian partners as a legal advising in Bangkok and now also have legal advising in Phuket to support Italian or Thai private individuals and/or entrepreneurs intending to operate in South East Asia and in Italy, when in Thailand this kind of advice or assistance was not available yet.

Since its establishment, the company has been using a professional business relationship with the law firm Chiappa-Arcangeli, today named Bianchini-Marcolini located in Tuscany (Central Italy), as well as other Italian professionals law firms and attorneys such as Go Gate srl, being at present agent in Italy for BOI and also a legal aid to the business enterprises of Intesa San Paolo Bank.

The relations with the Italian institutions in Bangkok (Embassy, Italian Trade Commission, Italian-Thai Chamber of Commerce), as well as Thai institutions in Italy (Royal Thai Consulate in Milan, Venice and Royal Thai Embassy in Rome) have always been of very good cooperation.

Our legal advising in Bangkok during these years had a turnover of few Italian partners but it always had its advisory role to the private individuals and entrepreneurs, trying to provide them all the needed legal & commercial consulting and support services ranging from the mere legal advice to the partners and market research up to the technical survey to purchase residential and industrial real estate.

The LCS’s clients are mainly small/medium entrepreneurs requiring for a professional and global legal and lawyer assistance for their enterprises in an area which they don’t have in-depth knowledge of Bangkok and Phuket.

Thailand has almost effectively become the capital of the Asean, which unites all the South East Asia countries in a more and more uniform economic community. The big international law firms offer first-class legal and lawyer services but maybe not so flexible and tailor-made for small/medium entrepreneurs, particularly for Italian ones.

LCS tries to help the entrepreneurs to overcome first the language, then the different economic, fiscal and legal system barriers to make easier developing the business.

The company got through the Thai economic boom of the last few years, from the financial crisis started in Thailand in 1997, up to the todays’ economic grow phase of the country, that is attracting many Italian entrepreneurs also spurred by the European crisis and stimulating also Thai companies to take-overs in Italy.

Helped by a very high level team of Italian and Thai professionals lawyers and attorneys, LCS is aimed to develop its operativeness more and more dedicated to the whole Southern Eastern area and particularly in the newly emerged countries such as Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia.

In 2014 our company has expanded by opening a branch office in Phuket Island where we started to offer our legal services also in Russian language.